Supply & Installation Gypsum Materials

A common feature of many offices and corporate workplaces is the suspended ceiling. Gypsum ceilings are characterised by a series of square or rectangular tiles or panels that are upheld by a metallic grid system. Installing such a ceiling requires trusted contractors with the necessary experience installing suspended ceilings. For that, you can count on us Marx Hardware to supply and install gypsum materials.

Benefits of Gypsum Ceiling

Why Are We The First Choice For Gypsum Across Kenya

We pride ourselves on our speed and accuracy. This is what we are best known for in the business and we will continue to uphold that reputation. Using the highest quality materials we always strive for excellence and value the communication with you to ensure that the job is always done right. Feel assured knowing that you are dealing with a family business. You will always be speaking to someone in the family with a vested interest in ensuring that your experience is a positive one.

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